About Us

Sainte-Anne-de-Prescott is a welcoming, dynamic village in a beautiful rural setting in Eastern Ontario. It is located just over an hour’s drive East of Ottawa.  We are actually a little closer to Montreal by way of Rigaud, near the Quebec border but in Ontario.  The geographic parish of Ste-Anne-de-Prescott has a population of just over 500, most of whom speak French.  

It’s quite an active little place where the local people work together to organize a variety of recreation and community events.  The creative side of our collective imagination is expressed through festivals like Antique Day, a religious pilgrimage and the soap box derby.  You will find lists of community organizations and festivals elsewhere on this web site.

The Economic Development Committee has compiled a Business Directory, available on-line.  It lists over 50 businesses of all kinds, including some farms where you can buy directly from the producers.  If you’re looking for a place to set up shop, or if you have an idea you’d like to develop, we’re here to help.

The heritage church in the centre of the village is the crown jewel of local pride.  Built in 1885, the interior decoration was restored to its original glory in 2003.  That effort, which required a lot of fundraising, won a heritage prize in 2004.  An illustrated, professional quality book on the church was also published in 2004.  There is an even older, if smaller, church at the West end of the village.  The East Hawkesbury United Church was built in 1865.  It is a brick structure with stained glass windows.

This web site allows local groups to post their information and makes it easier for visitors to join in.  We hope you find it useful and we welcome your comments.